5 Tips to Achieve a Perfect Split and Maintain Great Flexibility

This is a complete guide to help you improve in flexibility, achieve a perfect split, and more…

You probably know how important training and strengthening your muscles are; HOWEVER, maintaining a flexible body is as important, and it can prevent you from facing severe injuries.
In this blog, we tried to list all the tips and tricks you can do to transform your body and increase your elasticity

We are going to split this blog into different sections and provide details in each and try our best to cover all the aspects on what it takes to be flexy.

1) List Your Priorities and STICK TO IT

This is more of a mentality tip, but it is still a vital step into getting your perfect flexible body. Every day when you wake up, list all the productive tasks that you want to do. DO NOT just list the tasks without elaborating or giving a clear plan on how you will mark this task off your check list, this will create a fake since of satisfactory and could take the place of the action, which is the OPPOSITE of what you want to do. So write down your tasks, plan on how you are going to make it happen, and stick to it.

2) Eat A Healthy Breakfast

You can not imagine how much a bad breakfast can ruin all your progress in maintaining a flexible body. No matter what type of breakfast you prefer, make sure it contains high amounts of protein and healthy fats to give you the boost you need for the day.

3) Start Simple And Gradually Add More Intensity

Now to the real stuff! You must start with simple moves when first exploring the world of flexibility, even if you are an experienced body builder. Strengthening your muscle requires drastically different procedures compared to developing flexibility. Just remember whenever you feel intolerable pain in the muscle or string, DO NOT hesitate to stop and do another exercise. It is dangerous to hold on to the pain if you are still not familiar to your body and its responses.

4) Reward Your Self

NEVER underestimate what rewarding yourself after achieving something does to your brain. If you keep doing this over time, you will get to the point where your brain correlates the act with the pleasure of the reward, and eventually, it will encourage you to do the activity even more! HOWEVER, be cautious since this activity is a double-edged sword if you use bad actions like smocking, watching pornography, or drinking as the reward after the exercise.

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